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Historically, assessing vaginitis has been a difficult test for the laboratory.

Many common causes of vaginitis are bacteria that either grow poorly or fail to grow in the laboratory.  Our Women’s Health panel provides rapid, specific and sensitive identification of eighteen pathogens concurrently, as follows:

  • Owing to the degradation of quality of life, PCR-Dx has made turn around time on the Women’s Health panel a priority, providing results the following day. Our local presence helps us to reduce the time to detection from 48 hours+ for some common causes to 24 hours or less.
  • Vaginitis is commonly caused by an imbalance of normal flora, allowing pathogens to colonize the tissue. The specificity of each target on the panel allows for identification of problematic organisms, even among a very complex flora.
  • Sensitivity of PCR is unsurpassed and our Women's Health panel uses this strength to identify all problematic organisms that might require treatment, regardless of prevalence. In cases of complex, recurrent vaginitis, PCR provides our clinicians with an unbiased snapshot of the diversity of pathogens present at the time of collection.

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