Benchmark Laboratories

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Benchmark Laboratories is focused on delivering the highest quality molecular laboratory services. We believe that attentive service, high quality testing and cutting edge technology can deliver better patient outcomes.  Molecular diagnostic testing has increased in healthcare settings because it delivers sensitive and accurate results with a shorter turn-around time. These tests were first employed in cutting edge research and are now used in hospitals and clinics to great patient benefit.  Our goal is to bring these advancements into your local care facility, where they can be used to conveniently serve your patients.

Concierge service

Don’t let our size fool you, our labs are small by design. This allows us to place them within our community for the shortest time possible from collection to result.

Right Sized

Benchmark is focused on revolutionizing care in concert with our providers and patients. We can deliver cutting edge lab services to areas and facilities where it is needed.

Dedication to responsiblity

We have developed a science team that aligns with our current focus and allows us to continue to adapt to the everchanging healthcare environment.

Culture of Empathy

As part of our commitment to our providers, we try to understand your specific needs so we can deliver the service you deserve.


Select the link below to learn about how each of our panels offers superior performance compared to traditional detection techniques.

Antibiotic Resistance Panel

Gastrointestinal Panel

Respiratory Pathogen Panel

Sexually Transmitted Infections


Urinary Tract
Infections Panel

Women’s Health


What is rt-PCR?

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was invented in the 1980s while studying bacteria that grow in heat vents and was quickly identified as a tool with high clinical application potential, resulting in a nobel prize for its founders.  From that humble beginning, PCR has revolutionized both the basic scientific understanding of and the clinician’s ability to address infectious diseases of all origins.  The next big step for PCR technology was the application of fluorescent probes with a PMT detector, so that the amplification reaction could be observed in real time.  Real time PCR (rt-PCR) allows individual targets to be identified from very small volumes and is extremely specific in a much shorter time than the gel based techniques.  Equipment automation, reagent improvements and better test design have now allowed this technology to be widely available for use in patient treatment.  Contact us to learn more about how it can impact your practice.