Detecting infections is an essential job of any medical facility, but it is sometimes overwhelming to explore the options with so many methods available. When sifting through buzzwords, there is no double that “PCR” came as an option to you. As one of the most accurate tests available, PCR is something medical specialists should consider if they have not already.

What Are PCR Tests? 

PCR stands for “polymerase chain reaction.” This practice uses scientific methods to detect active diseases. Viruses are microscopic and difficult to see, even with a microscope. In a raw sample, the amounts of the viruses in them are too low to detect without additional instruments.

With PCR, technicians target specific genetic material and replicate it rapidly to a degree where the material becomes more apparent. It is incredibly precise in detecting even the smallest amount of evidence and blowing it up into something they can read so doctors may take action.  

It is a standard test when investigating cases of COVID-19. However, it is beneficial for other diseases as well. For one example, it makes detecting (and subsequently treating) STIs easy. 

What Are STIs? 

Formally known as STDs, STIs (sexually transmitted infections) are contagious diseases passed through intimate contact with others. Although most often transmitted via sexual contact of the mouth, genitalia, or anus, one may also contract some diseases through non-sexual contact (such as birth or sharing personal items).

Although an overwhelming number of Americans have an STI, there is still a heavy stigma surrounding the disease. People tend to feel uncomfortable discussing these infections and symptoms, even with their doctors. Patients need rapid and exact results to stay on top of their problems, reduce their chances of remaining untreated, let their previous partners go unaware, or continue to spread the disease.  

Why Is PCR Ideal for STI Detection? 

PCR is a quick and precise way to get results. Some other things make PCR so suitable for STI tests. These factors are significant for STI detection as people need to know precise findings as soon as possible.

Collecting samples is incredibly easy. Samples may come from stool, blood, urine, or simple swaps of the specific sites. Depending on the test, this means some patients may take a test at home and send in their samples to a lab for an adult without having to undergo a potentially embarrassing visit.

With these testing alternatives, it may be easier for physicians to convince their patients to get the tests they feel deterred from seeking.

About Benchmark Laboratories  

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