Urinary tract infections are very common illnesses that negatively impact a patient’s quality of life and can lead to life threatening complications, including sepsis and bacteremia.

Our panel detects nineteen different organisms from a urine sample, even when present at very low abundance. Those results are backwith in 24 hours.  This allows the clinician to identify the infection more quickly and to swap from broad spectrum antibiotics to treatments specific to the infection.  Treatment conversion is especially important in cases where the organism is weakly or non-responsive to the broad spectrum antibiotic. Conversion is also critical when the patient has already been treated with antibiotics for an extended period of time and continuance could result in disruption of normal flora.  By combining the UTI panel with the ABR panel , clinicians can identify likely ESBLs, fungal or mixed infections within 24 hours and alter treatment course as appropriate.

  • In the case of fungal infections, a 24 hour turn around time with identification is not often possible under traditional culture conditions, were yeast grow more slowly and it can take 72 hours or more to identify Candida krusi, Candida tropicalis or Candida glabrata.
  • Providing results in a timely manner for treating UTIs is a high priority for PCR-Dx. This is typically an infection that, when addressed early, can be handled in the outpatient setting, reducing hospitalizations. Additionally, early treatment reduces patient discomfort, reduces the possibility of the infection spreading to vital organs and other negative outcomes.

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